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Answering your Questions

Why do I need a doula? 

  • A doula will work as a team with your partner and the nursing staff to bring you comfort and meet your needs in labor.

Why do I need a doula?

  • With childbirth comes the fear of the unknown and even though you may have read all of the books and done all of the research. Sometimes in labor all of that could go out of the window. Your doula will help you with informational support as well as physical and emotional support.

what should I know about doulas? 

  • A doula is not a medical professional and does not give medical advice or perform medical procedures.

  • Doulas do not speak on the birthing persons behalf or come between the birthing person and their partner, or the family and medical professionals.

  • Doulas do not catch your baby

  • Doulas do not make decisions for you but will give you unbiased information to make an informed decision.

Why do I need a doula if I want an epidural?

A Doula's main focus is supporting the birthing person and their wishes, whether it is medicated, unmedicated, cesarean, or VBAC (Vaginal birth after cesarean). Doulas provide comfort measures before the epidural, emotional, and informational support during and after the epidural.

What is a postpartum and infant care doula? 

A postpartum doula provides unbiased physical, emotional, and informational support. Such as running errands, light housekeeping, infant care assistance, overnight infant care, breast/chest feeding support, and new parent care.

Why do I need a postpartum doula?

You may have had a birth plan; a postpartum plan is just as important. Giving birth is an emotional and overwhelmingly joyous experience. A postpartum doula can be your support where needed. The doula can also be “the bad guy” when it comes to telling the family that you need space. A postpartum doula can be the support you need while you recover from birth.

Where can I find information on COVID-19 and pregnancy? 

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